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The government has made it mandatory to link various schemes and other instruments with Aadhaar. UIDAI has made a provision through which you can check your Aadhaar authentication history by visiting UIDAI’s website. You can check that all actions related to Aadhar are initiated by you and nobody else has requested for Aadhaar authentication on your behalf through this method. In case you come across a transaction that was not initiated by you, you should inform UIDAI at the earliest.

What is Aadhaar Authentication History?

Whenever you invoke Aadhaar for availing a service, UIDAI registers the transaction in its database.  No demographic or biometric data is stored in Aadhaar’s database. Only a few transaction details are saved, such as:

  • Type of transaction (demographic, biometric or OTP-based),
  • Date and time of transaction,
  • Authentication organisation (UIDAI, EPFO, ITD, NIC, CDAC, etc.),
  • UIDAI response code,
  • Unique Aadhaar Transaction ID
  • Authentication Response (Success or Failure) and
  • UIDAI Error Code, if any

It is worth mentioning that only 50 results of past 6 months can be invoked while checking the Aadhaar authentication history. UIDAI allows users to check transactions of six authentication types, namely:

  • Demographic
  • Biometric
  • OTP
  • Demographic and Biometric
  • Biometric and OTP
  • Demographic and OTP

You can also select the specific date range for viewing your Aadhaar authentication history. However, this range should not exceed more than six months. You can see a maximum of 50 records at a time. In case you want to find a specific transaction, select the specific authentication type and the relevant date range.

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Steps to Check Aadhaar Authentication History Online

  • Go to the official website of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).
  • Scroll down to the ‘Aadhaar Services’ section.
  • Find the link that says ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’.
  • Click on the link. You will be navigated to a different page on the official UIDAI website.
  • In the first box, enter your 12 digit UID or 16 digit VID.
  • Enter the security code in the next box. In case you are unable to read the or view the code, you may click on ‘Try Another’ to generate a new security code.
  • Now click on ‘Send OTP’.
  • The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • You will be redirected to another page on the UIDAI website.
  • Choose your ‘Authentication Type’ from Demographic / Biometric / OTP / Demographic & Biometric / Biometric & OTP / Demographic & OTP.
  • Select the date range. First enter the From Date and then enter the To Date.
  • Enter the number of records. Please understand that the maximum number of records for which authentication history can be checked stands at 50.
  • Enter the OTP that you received on your phone.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.
  • Upon completing these steps, you will be able to see the authentication history on the official website of UIDAI.
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The Aadhaar Authentication History tool allows users to check their Aadhaar authentication online. It also helps the users to avail different information like authentication method, transaction ID, etc.

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You can update your Address online in Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). For other details updates such as Demographic details (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) as well as Biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph) in Aadhaar you will have to visit Permanent Enrolment Center.

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