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School Leaving Certificate or College Leaving Certificate is a written document issued by the institution where you were studying that serves as a proof that you have left the school on account of various reasons namely- The course is completed. Want to pursue further education from a different institution.

An application for School Leaving Certificate or College Leaving Certificate is written to get these documents from the institution – school or college, you were previously enrolled in and now have completed the term or want to leave in the middle of the session. Once a student completes his education from a particular school or college, either he takes admission in another school or college or university or he quits studies. In order to signify the completion of your education from a school or college, you need a School Or College Leaving Certificate.  In case you or your family shifts to another city or settles in a different country, then you will change your school or college in the middle of the academic session. To get admission in a new school or college in the middle of an academic session, a student has to submit a copy of the School Transfer Certificate letter issued by the previous school where he/she was enrolled.

The application for School Transfer Certificate can either be written by a parent or the student. You have to follow the School Leaving Certificate format to write a School Transfer Certificate letter. Please check out the School Leaving Certificate samples for clarity on How to write an application for School Leaving Certificate.

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