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Kormo Jobs find your next job for free. Employers use the Kormo Jobs app to hire job seekers. It only takes a few minutes to set up your basic profile, and get a beautiful digital CV that you can share, print, or apply directly to jobs listed on the app. If you take the time to fill out your background, experiences, and interests then we’ll match you for relevant jobs – let employers come to you.

  • The more you use the Kormo Jobs app, the better it gets at knowing your expertise, interests, and skills. Along the way we’ll recommend areas for you to grow, and give you the tools to do so, to upgrade your career and unlock the next great opportunity.

What is Kormo? How Can It Help You?

  • What is Kormo Jobs equipped to do? The app adopts the ease-of-use philosophy and widespread accessibility that almost all Google apps have. It’s simple to use and meant to help employers and job seekers connect quickly. 

Because Kormo Jobs’ focus is entry-level positions, the app has built-in features that aid job seekers with career development skills. 

  • When job seekers begin to build out their profile on Kormo Jobs, the app asks what their interests and skills are. Google will populate their feed with jobs that make the most sense for users to apply for.
  • There is a dedicated place for job seekers to create, develop, and refine their CV. Courses, skill-building exercises, and other educational content are also available directly within the app.
  1. Discover recommended jobs.
  2. Apply for jobs you like right from the Kormo Jobs app.
  3. Follow your job application progress in Kormo Jobs app.
  4. Build your digital CV & share right from the app.
  5. Learn new skills and earn more.
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